A Better World - Volume 9

[ ] 18 A Better World Contributions of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in satisfying Arab development needs and achieving SDGs Operations Department, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development For nearly fifty years, the Arab Fund has been devoting its efforts to meeting the economic and social development needs of its member countries. Its activities have catalyzed the progress of Arab countries in achieving several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for more than four decades, well before the arrival of the United Nations document in 2015, specifying the 17 SDGs to be met by the year 2030. The Fund has contributed both directly and indirectly to achieving these goals by financing public and private development investment projects through concessional loans, covering various economic and social activities and providing grants and institutional support to member states. Since the start of its financing operations in 1974 until the end of March 2023, the Arab Fund has granted 710 loans, amounting to approximately US$ 36,983m. The Fund also provided grants amounting to about US$ 852.7m, in addition to grants and aid for the Urgent Programme to Support the Palestinian People or general grants amounting to approximately US$720m. Arab Fund grants were made to all Arab countries, either directly or through joint projects, and comprised public sector grants, joint Arab action grants, and grants directed to non-government organizations. People and society The Arab Fund has been actively helping Arab countries to achieve the goals and objectives of the first six SDGs. To combat poverty, the Fund has financed 90 loans, amounting to around US$ 3.05 bn, that were concentrated in social development projects, rural development, public works, small and micro projects that generate job opportunities, social welfare programmes, integrated and inclusive development, Merowe Dam on the River Nile in northern Sudan Image: ESCWA website